Three Yellowknife students were recognized Wednesday for their outstanding achievements in short story writing. Taking the top honours is grade 5 student Chantelle Duval from J.H. Sissons. Karen Benner, Manager of Communications with ABC Canada, says Chantelle’s story was very original.

“It’s a story about a prank her sister pulled. Her sister showed up at home one evening for dinner and she had her hair dyed green and she had tattoos and body piercings, and her parents were so upset. At the dinner table, they said, ‘Why? Why did you do this?’ And she says, ‘It’s April Fool’s Day.’ She pulled off her green wig, rubbed off her temporary tattoos, and the whole family had a pretty big laugh about that.”

Benner adds third place winner Sarah Nesbitt wrote a very funny story.

“Sarah’s story is about her father. He wears these mukluks that make his feet smell so bad, her and her brother have to go to drastic measures. They glue slippers over his feet so they don’t have to smell them anymore.”

The second place winner was Lisa Giavenetto, who wrote a touching story about a boy who finally gets his dream to ice fishing with his dog team, but has to turn back to take care of his dogs.