RCMP are already investigating the fire at St. Joe’s Catholic School as arson. It has not been confirmed as such but it does certainly appear from all the initial evidence that the fire that destroyed four portables and the mini- gym was set intentionally. Yellowknife RCMP Sergeant Darcy Fleury says that the cause of the fire is indeed suspicious and is being investigated as arson. Fleury says witness reports have identified potential suspects and police are looking for the person or persons that may be involved. Mix 100’s Tim Durkin was on the scene of the fire last night and spoke with local resident Nicole Jewell who had a strange encounter with some individuals just before the fire broke out.

“And like, 15 minutes before this happened I saw these, well these kids threw garbage right into my yard and I like, ran out of my yard and I saw them standing right at the end of the street and I was like ‘You guys better get moving because I am coming to get you as soon as my kids are safe in the house’ and like, I had to go back to my kids but I chased them this way and my friend who lives in Beck Court, I saw her at the end of the street, asked her if she needed a place to stay tonight, she could come to my house and she said that she saw the kids climb underneath this building. That was it. She didn’t say she saw them starting the fire but she said she saw them under this building. And this was like 15 minutes before our kids, her kids came up to our house right on Bigelow and told us the school was on fire.”

Other witnesses have been questioned by police and they are encouraging anyone who may have information to contact the RCMP immediately to assist in the investigation.