If you noticed an odd smell yesterday in the city, there’s a good reason for it. Thanks to the pattern of wind, smoke from 3 forest fires burning south of Yellowknife is making their way to us. David Hahn, the territorial duty officer out of Fort Smith, says the three blazes are quite close to home, including one in the NWT.

“Two large fires in the Wood Buffalo National Park, which are probably just a little bit over the 100,000 hectare mark and they’re putting up a fair amount of smoke. We also have one fire within the Northwest Territories, out in what we call the Hook Lake area, just to the east of the Slave River.” Hahn also says the fire in Hook Lake isn’t posing a significant threat right now.

“All we’re doing with that fire right now is we’re watching it, monitoring it. If any values become at-risk, we will protect the values. We did a little action on it yesterday, trying to contain it a little bit to the East.” Hahn adds we are now deep into the prime forest fire season.