The GNWT has been working on Species at Risk legislation since 1999, and is in the final stages of getting the public’s opinion on the draft form of the Act. A committee gathering the feedback wraps up its public hearings in Inuvik on Thursday. Committee Chair and MLA Dave Ramsey says the hearings are meant to get people involved, to have a say in the future of the territory’s plants and animals.

“It allows people in the Northwest Territories to work together, to come up with solutions pertaining to species at risk in our territory, which you know, for people living here, especially Aboriginal people, you know, that’s an important step.”

Ramsey says some people have raised a few concerns at the public hearings, one being the cost of implementing the Act, which is yet to be determined. Other groups are concerned that protecting species might interfere with developing resources in the territory. The committee will present a report on its review of the legislation, including the public feedback, during the next sitting at the Legislative Assembly in May.