An elderly Yellowknife couple has discovered their home is now considered a heritage site. Councillor Lydia Bardak says the city will work with the owners and allow them to add features to the home without diminishing the historical value of the house. She adds this is the first time a personal residence has become a heritage site.

“This was the first time we were making a private residence into a heritage site on the recommendation of the Heritage Committee. The Heritage Committee met with the homeowners and discussed it and at that point they were quite delighted but they’re elderly folks and as they started to learn that this was going to involve the city and a motion at council they wanted to take their time and not move too quickly so that they could understand more. So we’ve moved first reading, but we’ve also tabled it so that administration can provide the homeowners with factual information on all of the implications. So it’s exciting and we’ll take our time to do it correctly. The home was originally located outside city limits near the regions first gold mine, the Burwash Mine site, during the mid 1930’s.