The population continues to drop in the NWT. Statistics Canada has released the latest numbers, this time for the month of March. Estimates show just under 42,000 people living here, a 0.1% drop from this time one year ago. Angelo Coco, the statistician for the NWT, says even though the numbers are dropping, there’s nothing to worry about just yet.

“We’re pretty far out from the original benchmark for 2001. We’re putting less emphasis on the veracity of the results. We’re awaiting the re- basing to the 2006 Census estimates, which will happen in about a year.” Coco also says the main reason for the drop is people simply leaving the territory. “The bulk of the change was due to migration. The results show 2,750 persons were estimated to have moved to the Northwest Territories from other provinces and territories, while 3,315 persons moved away.” Coco adds the NWT has been experiencing a decline in population over the past few months, but does caution these numbers are estimates.