Paddlers for Parts have donated 30 personal floatation devices to the city at Ruth Inch Memorial Pool. Brian Kelln, the Program Manager with the City, says the devices are part of a plan to promote water safety.

“Greg Loftus, who represents Paddlers for Parts in the NWT, decided to help promote boating safety for Water Safety Week and they decided to make a donation of 30 PFT’s(Personal Floatation Devices)that we can use for teaching our water safety program at the pool for children, infants and youth. We can teach boating safety, how to use a PFT in the water, so if they have to go boating, they’ll know how to handle themselves.” Kelln adds Paddlers for Parts have long been promoting water safety in the territory.

“They’ve always been very much into water safety, boating safety and proper use of techniques and trying to get as involved as they can in the community.”

The PFD’s will be used to teach boating and water safety programs at Ruth Inch Memorial Pool.