The Northwest Territories Teaching Association and the RCMP are working together making students and school staff safer. The NWTTA and RCMP have recently announced the implementation of a Lockdown system in schools accross the NWT. Amanda Mallon, President of the NWTTA, says the lockdown is part of a proactive approach to safety concerns.

“With the help of RCMP officers across the North, I know, for example, in Hay River, the high school there just had their first lockdown and they had RCMP assistance to help them run it through and to help see what needed to be improved.”

Mallon adds the response to the program has been very positive.

“Our staff have been happy that we’re doing this. This is one of the reasons that the Association has responded to this. It’s been a particular interest of mine, but we’ve also had teachers that come from the South, they’re new teachers, and they’re questioning why we don’t have this in place. Our staff are happy that this in place. I haven’t had any feedback from students or parents, but I think anything we can do to make the schools safer should be beneficial to them.”

The program will also allow the RCMP, as well as other agencies to better respond to emergency situations.