The Fire Department is no longer issuing Class 1 burning permits. The Department has made several changes to burning permits and Chucker Doer, Deputy Fire Chief, says it’s not safe to be issuing Class 1 burning permits so residents can burn brush and deadfall.

“We’re discontinuing the Class 1 permit for the burning of brush and deadfall for residential units in the city. Any trees or slash that is removed from the property will have to be taken to the landfill site. That’s a big change for residential burning permits.”

Doer adds there are also a few other changes to burning pit regulations.

“As well, we have fire pits, portable fire pits, that we rent out. Those will be the only approved burning appliances for a Class 3 burning permit, which is a recreational fire for residences in the city. For an approved pit we come out and inspect, we give you the regulations, you build the pit, we come and inspect it, and then you no longer require a burning permit for that particular installation.”

Class 2 regulations have not changed.