By-law 4404 is moving forward now it has received a second reading at city council. The Zoning bylaw was reworked after the definition of modular home, and manufactured dwelling made it difficult to distinguish them in terms of appearance. Councillor Alan Woytiuk is still upset with the definition of a modular home and believes it needs to change.

“And one of the issues I have with this by-law is the definition of modular homes and there is a difference or a change from the current by-law and basically as a result of this change it will allow a double wide modular home to be constructed in any R2, R1 or R2 zone and I do have a problem with this.”

Meanwhile Councillor Kevin O’Reilly reminded councillors that they couldn’t really make any changes at this point.

“I just think that this is not the time and place to try and change it. Well, in fact we can’t change it as part of the public hearing process. There were no concerns raised by the public regarding manufactured dwelling or the definition of modular home or where these can or should be placed within the city. If it had been raised in the public hearing then there would be a way for us to deal with it in changing the by-law now.”

Councillor Doug McCann says the definition of modular homes now allows for more entry level housing within city limits. “I would like to see us get into this redefinition and changes in the zoning. I am very much supportive of changes in the zoning by-law to redefine the term modular. So we can make these distinctions providing protection for people who are already there but maybe at the same time encouraging possibly our industry as well to moving more in that direction.” Councillor Bob Brooks says he finds the definition is appropriate for modular homes as well.

“Basically because they do have the ability to be in two, three, four and five sections and to be quite attractive now. As councillor Woytiuk talked about, sometimes they may not be picking the kind of models he’s in favour of. However a lot of times that’s due to market demand or pricing or what’s affordable or whatever.”

City Council passed the second reading of the by law on Friday afternoon. Further changes to the definitions will happen now the by law has been passed and it can go back to committee.