An unusually large aircraft in the skies of Yellowknife this week had residents playing the ‘name that airplane’ game. It may have looked like a Hercules, but if that didn’t seem quite right, it was probably the military’s C-17. Major Kevin Ciesielski, a representative with the Air Division at JTFN, puts the size of the military transport plane into perspective.

“I imagine most people are used to seeing a Hercules aircraft fly around. This aircraft (the C-17) carries about three times what a Hercules aircraft would. In pure weight it’s capable of 160,000 pounds of cargo.” The C-17 is transporting equipment to Nunavut for a military operation involving the Canadian Rangers who will be patrolling Elsmere Island. Major Ciesielski says Yellowknifers likely won’t see the huge plane in the skies again for another few weeks, when it returns from operation Nunalivut.