Swimmers in Hay River can still go for a dip at Centennial Pool. Officials have decided to keep it open until this Saturday. Minor finishing touches on the new Rose Aquatic Center have caused the delay of the new pool’s opening. Centennial Pool was supposed to close last weekend but the Director of Recreation and Recruitment, Ross Deboer, says extending Centennial’s run will keep the public’s access to the pool longer.

“Well our initial intention was to wind things down this past Saturday in light of the opening of the new aquatic centre. There are, as it turns out, a few details that remain to be completed in the new centre. So we wanted to keep the gap or the closure between the two facilities as short as possible so we decided we would just keep the Centennial Pool open another week.”

Surrounding communities as well as schools will be invited to take part in the opening of the new facility and Deboer says the celebrations should be fun for all.

“I think we’ll probably put together some entertainment and perhaps a cake and have our first slide, if you will, and open it up and away we go.” Deboer says the new pool looks fantastic. “So we’re just finalizing a few details. Our tile setters are working like crazy to finish up the floors and we’ve got a few smaller things that need tidying up but things are getting quite exciting around here.” The new pool will be opening shortly after the 13th of April however the Grand Opening will follow in May or June.