The forest fire rating is currently high for Yellowknife. Chucker Doer, deputy fire chief, says the only people allowed to burn are thouse who already have approved pits.

“The Department is not issuing burning permits for grass or for brush during this period, however, people who have approved fire pits in their front yard can use those or they can use fire pits that are rented from the City’s Fire Department.”

Doer adds a change in the weather would be nice.

“Generally, we need to have some moisture, some rain would help. The dry conditions don’t help with things and a decrease in the wind usually helps from drying things out as well. A little bit of moisture helps, but no one wants to see that either in the summer and they want to get out, so it’s kind of a catch-22 for burning purposes.”

Currently, the Fire Department is reviewing burning guidelines and fire pit and burning regulations.