Perhaps you have seen them driving down Old Airport Road… new banners that is. Councilor Paul Falvo says he is impressed with the new safety messages being displayed on one of Yellowknife’s main drags.

“I noticed a lot of banners and also smaller signs related to fire prevention and they seem to be really well done; very professional looking. I just wondered who do we have to thank for these and how much longer will they be up?” Mayor Gordon VanTighem says the Fire Department and the corporate community are responsible for getting the safety messages out there.

“We have a hyper-active fire division and a large number of community sponsors to thank.” Fire Chief Albert Hedrick came up with the public education campaign. The Director of Corporate Services, Carl Bird says Hedrick was instrumental in getting businesses and the city on board.

“This was an initiative of our fire chief. When he came to town it was one of the things he wanted to get done as soon as he could. He approached various businesses in town, explained to them the idea. A bunch of them sponsored various banners so the cost of the banner was covered by those sponsors. One business covered the shipping of the banners and then city employees and another business installed the banners.” October 5th – 11th is Fire Prevention Week.