The Employability office is getting a lot of great feedback. The Employability Readiness Program, which came into effect as of January, helps people with disabilities to train and find a job. Employment Support Worker Marian Cox says although the program has limited space they try to help as many people as they can.

“We take in people who have disabilities and we…it’s like any other training program for work. We go around the community. We visit businesses and give the chance for the students to watch what they do and how their business is run.” Cox says the program, Employability, works with businesses to try to find jobs for people with disabilities and about 20 people a month are finding work through the program. Cox adds participants already lead a normal life but they help them when it comes to job opportunities.

“We saw some of them come out of I guess what you could call characteristics that would have hindered them in employment and they have a brighter personality now. They show their personality that was inside and they have become less introverted and more extroverted as a person.” Eight people passed the course during the program’s recent graduation ceremony, which was held March 22. So far participants have been to the Explorer Hotel and local malls as well attending in class sessions to learn job place skills.