The NWT Chamber of Commerce had a host of special guests at its annual general meeting this week. Among them was the Bank of Canada governor, Mark Carney, who gave a not-so-rosy forecast of the economy. NWT Chamber President John Curran says despite the gloomy climate, Carney’s speeches went over well with the business community, and Curran himself is not giving up on the future economy of the territory.

“I’ve always been a glass is half full sort of guy, so I mean, I’m optimistic that things will be better than some of the opinions out there have been. But really, I’m really just throwing darts at the wall at this point, like everybody else.” The Chamber gave out business awards at its AGM, all going to residents of Fort Smith. The owner of C.A.B. Construction, Craig Brown, won the businessperson of the year award, and Northwestern Air Lease received the Business of the Year.