There’s only one week left to nominate organizations for the city’s recycling awards. The city gives out the award in three different categories: education, small business and large business. Kevin Kennedy is the chair of the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee, which considers the nominations, and says there are several reasons groups should nominate each other or themselves.

“If they think that they’ve done a really good job, and have made recycling and waste diversion a real part of their operations, then, I think that the public should know that, and for businesses to want to show their corporate responsibility, this is a good way to do that.”

Last year, Northwestel won the award in the large business category for their initiatives in recycling phonebooks, Computers for Schools won in the Education group, and Kennedy says Dillon Consulting stood out in the small business category for its efforts in reducing waste.

“They have a worm composting system that they use in their offices, where if they have coffee grounds and leftover lunches, things like that, they put them all in the worm compost bin, and the worms eat them up and it turns into beautiful compost that people can put on their garden.” The nomination deadline is April 15th; information on how to nominate can be found on the city’s website. The city will have a ceremony at the end of April, coinciding with Earth Week, to announce the recycling awards.