Get ready for the ravens. Five large and 10 small Raven sculptures will be taking over Yellowknife’s streets. The first large raven will be unveiled tonight on the front lawn of City Hall at 7pm and Larry Adamson the President of the Yellowknife Arts Society says the city wanted to have an outdoor display.

“They’re sort of a signature kind of a bird for Yellowknife. There’s hundreds and hundreds of ravens in Yellowknife and we wanted some downtown or outdoor art. The project is being sponsored by the Downtown Enhancement Committee of the City of Yellowknife. They are paying for this. We already have lots and lots of beautiful art and this will add to the enjoyment of the city.”

Adamson adds not all the sculptures have been made yet.

“I’d say nine of the ten have already been painted, the ten small ones and the tenth one is going to be done soon. The five large ones have not been made yet. The one we’re unveiling on the Thursday night is the actual original model by John Sabourin. You make a model and ten you make a mold out of fiberglass and then you fill the mold with fiberglass and start making them.”

The large sculptures will be made over the next month and then placed in front of buildings throughout the city. Adamson adds the idea of the Raven statues was by an art teacher at Sir John Franklin. “The whole raven statue project idea is that of Betty Wilcox, one of our directors. She’s an art teacher at Sir John. On Friday night we will have the unveiling of a slightly smaller raven, this is just going to be one and they’ll all be up top on light standards. They’ll be ten of them eventually put up, probably all the way along Franklin and they’ll all be painted by different Yellowknife artists.” Friday nights unveiling will take place on Franklin Avenue at 50th Street.