The 4th annual Aboriginal Hepatitis “C” Conference is fast approaching. This year’s event is being sponsored by the Akaitcho Territory Government Chiefs, and will feature many special guest speakers and presentations about the seriousness of the issue in the NWT. Wanda White, the GNWT’s Communicable Disease Specialist, says there’s a specific message they would like to get out.

“It’s primarily targeting Aboriginal health care workers, Aboriginal people, people living with hepatitis C, and will certainly provide awareness and education about the particular disease, but it will really focus in on behaviours that contribute to the increase in the disease patterns we’re seeing in the NWT and across Canada.”

White also says Hepatitis “C” is a problem in Aboriginal communities, however…

“No more so in the NWT than with other populations. Certainly, everyone is welcome. It is a conference that was started by Aboriginal people, but the venue is open to anyone who wants to come and participate.”

Some of the guest speakers include Dr. Andre Corriveau, Chief Public Health Officer of the NWT, along with Fox Morin, the founder of the conferences themselves.