OuOf The Bear Cave

There is a lot of great music out there that for one reason or another you might be missing. Our Mix 100 Music Director has got you covered.  Listen to Jay Bear every weekday at 4:40pm for Out Of The Bear Cave. The Jay Bear will reveal critically acclaimed, interesting and eclectic music from across Canada and around the world. Out Of The Bear Cave, weekdays at 4:40pm on Mix 100.

The Solid Gold Lunch Hour 

Tune in every weekday at noon hour to hear your favourite classic hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with the Solid Gold Lunch Hour! Wanna hear a retro tune? Give Dylan a call (920-2523) and make a retro request! 

The 20 

Check out The 20 every Friday and Sunday night at 7pm. Adam Wylde counts down the hottest hits from across the nation! You also get the latest entertainment news and interviews. 

The Birthday Wish

Call in any weekday at 7:40 am and wish your friends or family a happy birthday on their special day - they could win a birthday present from The Mix! brought to you by The Kingpin Centre.

The Swap Shop

Tune in every weekday at 10:05 am and again at 6:05 pm for the treasure trove that is the Swap Shop - buy, sell or trade on the Swap Shop! brought to you by Quality Furniture.  E-mail Swap Shop Here

Impossible Question

Can you answer the Impossible Question? (is that an impossible question?!) Strap on your brain at 3:20 pm every weekday and give it a try - You could win a great prize from our sponsor - Coyotes Seafood and Steak House.

Get a Riff of This

Do you know your Mix 100 music? At 4:20 pm every weekday you'll hear a short clip of a song...You need to tell us what that song is and who the artist is!  Win great pizzes by our sponsor - Pizza Hut.

The Pet Detective

Lost a Pet, Found a Pet? Call in at 12:20 pm to the Pet Detective, and be sure to get Rover home in time for supper. Brought to you by the NWT SPCA.

Masterpiece Theatre

Every Friday Morning at 8:10, Kevin and Tim playact a movie, and they want you to guess it. Hey, we never said they were actors! 

Public Service Announcements

If you are a Non-Profit Organization, Mix 100 wants to help you publicize your local events! Email the details of your event, including date, time and location to CJCD MIX 100 and we will feature it on-air!

King of Karaoke

Listen every Thursday morning at 8:10AM as we belt out a tune karaoke style. To win, call in guess the song we are TRYING to sing, and if guessed correctly, you will win a $25.00 gift certificate courtesy of Hot Shots Pub & Grub!